Dragonfly Ireland

Dragonfly Ireland 2019 – 2024 is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency as part of a 3-year Citizen Science Project focused on aquatic species and their use as indicators of climate change and water quality.

As part of World Wetlands Day 2022 a Zoom session is to be held focusing on dragonflies and damselflies. You can join this session at 7:00 pm on 2 February 2022:

The latest newsletter from the project is linked to below:


Biodiversity Ireland are very keen to run Dragonfly & Damselfly Recording and Identification workshops in 2022. The aim is to get citizen scientists to survey their local areas and record the occurrence of these wonderful aquatic insects.

The National Biodiversity website has a section devoted to these surveys and the distribution of Dragonfly and Damselflies are mapped across the country with recorders details and species names. There are lots of gaps waiting to be filled. Taking part would make for an ideal water-themed project following from the Longford Water Management Course.

Biodiversity Ireland has a video course aimed at helping you to identify these fantastic creatures in the wild.

Biodiversity Ireland has a “Name that Dragon” quiz – take this after you do the identification course!